Dear GUSD Staff, Students, Families, and Friends,

As we started a new school year (actually we started yesterday) there is a lot to report to you all.  I just wanted to give you a quick update about what is going on as we start the 2023-2024 school-year.  I am going to list some important information about GUSD in bullet point fashion, so that you all can be “in the loop” as we venture in to the upcoming year.

·       Copper Rim Drainage Project – The project is still underway but the goal of having “Meet the Teacher” evening at Copper Rim was met.  School began yesterday with full electrical service throughout the campus, working bathrooms and sewer, and all classrooms with accessible sidewalks.  There is still much to be completed before the project is totally finished.  Cinder block planters in the courtyards are still to be constructed and there is significant landscaping to be done.  Of special note are the efforts of our Maintenance Supervisor Aaron Gourdin and his crew throughout the summer working weekends and extra time; the leadership of Copper Rim Elementary School Principal Brian Peace helping elementary staff through the challenging week(s) ahead of school opening; and the cooperation and teamwork of many teachers and staff members who pitched in to help get school open.

·       New SRO Officers – GUSD wrote a School Safety Grant with the Arizona Department of Education to fund SRO’s on each of our district’s 3 campuses.  Working together with Chief Walters and the Globe Police Department we were able to secure funding to provide those officers for all 3 schools (Globe High School, High Desert Middle School, and Copper Rim Elementary School).  The officers in place are Angel Perez at GHS, Jeremy Cochran at HDMS, and Jesus Verdugo at CRES.  Thanks to the City of Globe and Globe PD for working with us to make this happen.

·       New Teachers and Staff – GUSD had significant turnover this year, we hired over 20 new teachers.  GUSD worked with hiring agencies to bring in many international teachers.  Additionally, we have several from here in Arizona, and from our local community.  Please welcome all of our new teachers and our new support staff as they become part of the GUSD family.

·       EAC/GCC and GHS – An agreement was reached this past week to extend the services GUSD has taken advantage of over the past decades, especially dual enrollment.  Also, CVIT programs and offerings will be available as they have in the past.  This is good news for GUSD students and for the community.

There are many other important happenings taking place at GUSD.  I could write more than you would want to read!  However, I wanted to let you know about some of these key happenings, and how they affect our school district.  Thank you to all of you for your ongoing support of GUSD as we seek to live up to our vision of “Capturing Hearts, Empowering Minds”.

Best wishes for a great school year,

Jerry Jennex, Superintendent