Course Selection

Globe High School students who are planning on enrolling for the  2022-2023 school year can now fill it out and submit their tentative class choices for the upcoming next year?  Even out-of-district students who plan to attend GHS next year are welcome to complete the form.  

Please use the link below to access the form

GHS Graduation Requirements--2022-2023


4 credits English

4 credits Math (including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)

3 credits Social Studies (including World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government/Economics)

3 credits Science (2 of which must be lab sciences)

2 credits of Fine Art OR Career and Technical Education

.5 credit of Career Exploration

11.5 credits of Electives

(Students must have 2 credits of the same Fine Art or CTE class)

Fine Arts Include: Band




*Fine Art and CTE classes may change year-to-year based on teacher availability

CTE Includes:




Digital Communications (Yearbook, Broadcasting, or Journalism--student can switch between three sub-categories and still meet requirement)

Agriscience (students cannot use Ag Science to satisfy both Science and CTE credits, they must do it for one or the other)

Any CVIT Program (Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Nursing Assistant, Welding, Cosmetology, HVAC, Graphic Design)

*CVIT programs requires separate application process.

*Students must also complete CPR training during their high school career and successfully pass the Civics Exam with a 70% or higher.

A note on University acceptance:

If it is a student's goal to attend a 4-year university immediately following high school, students must also complete two years of the SAME foreign language AND a Math above and beyond Algebra II.  A student can generally be accepted with up to two deficiencies as long as they are not in the same subject, or in both Math/Science.  This means they will have to complete at least through Algebra II to be considered. Students will not be considered for top scholarships (i.e. NAU’s Lumberjack Scholarship) if they have any deficiencies.