Update Household Data

Rather than call or physically go to the school to update information about your household, submit updated information via the Update Household Data screen. These submissions are then accepted by the district, so they may not take effect immediately until the school office has reviewed the changes and approved the changes to the student record(s)

From the parent, the portal drops the left menu options down and locate Utilities and Settings. Within this section, you will see the “Update Household Data”

To update information about your household, click the Edit link for the desired form:

Household Parents – Parents who live in the household and their relationships to each student.

Household Addresses – The address information for the students’ household parents.

Student Information – The students’ names, birthdates, ethnicity and race information, and other student-specific data.

Emergency Contacts – Add or edit emergency contacts for each student. Edit contact data including phone number, calling order (priority), and relationship.

NOTE: Emergency Contacts are associated with each student and may differ for students in the same household.

As you work, the data that is changed is highlighted in orange. Click Save on the Tool Bar to save your changes. To revert from the changes that you’ve made on a form, click Start Over. Click Return to List to go back to the list of editable forms.

Some forms have required fields, which are indicated by an asterisk (*) next to each one. If you mark a form complete but did not complete a required field, an error appears in the right-hand side of the Tool Bar; click to see what field(s) need to be addressed. Supply the information and click Save (or Start Over).

When each form is Saved it is submitted. The Updated Household Data screen displays a message that the updated data has been submitted and on what date; it indicates that the changes must be approved. The Update Household Data tile on the Home page turns green and shows Submitted. Once your submission has been processed, the Submitted text changes to Accepted. If for some reason your forms require revision, the school will contact you and the icon will turn red. Simply update the data and re-submit.

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If you have questions about updating your child's records, please contact the school office.