2021 Homecoming Week is here.  

Globe High School list of activities.


Float building will be after school Monday through Thursday and Friday morning.  The float building venues are:

Freshmen: 461 N. Broad St

Sophomores:  528 N. Broad St

Juniors:  Globe High School

Seniors:  1250 Hagen Rd

Class sponsors 

Freshmen:  Sonia Yanez & Nema Udom

Sophomores:  Marissa Rottneck

Juniors:  Londa Waggoner

Seniors:  Andee Rescola

 Monday 4th: Float building

Disney Heroes v. Disney Villans:  lower classmen are heroes, upperclassmen are villans 

Tuesday 5th: Float building

Bring anything but a backpack. Do not bring your backpack 

Wednesday 6th: Float building

White Lies Wednesday. Wear a white shirt with an obvious lie

 Thursday 7th: Homecoming Assembly

float building

Class Color Wars & Senior Junior Jeans.  Wear your class color. Upperclassmen decorate a pair of jeans of your class

 Friday 8th:

All floats to the student parking lot by 8:30 a.m.

Float judging 10 a.m.

Parade 1 p.m. on Broad Street (Cottonwood to Yuma Streets)

Game 7 p.m. Harbison Field 

Saturday 9th:

Dance 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Globe High Gym