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Weekly Attendance 

In accordance with A.R.S-15-901 and A.R.S.-15-808, ALL TKO students are required to submit weekly attendance time logs for each course. 

AOI students must work at least a minimum number of hours a week to comply with state attendance statutes and remain in the program: 

  • Kindergarten students, 356 hours- Approx. 10 hrs. per week 

  • 1st-3rd grade: 712 hours – Approx. 20 hrs. per week 

  • 4th-8th grade: 890 hours – Approx. 24 hrs. per week 

  • 9th- 12th grade: 900 hours – Approx. 24 hrs. per week 

Attendance hours include time on the computer, research, writing, reading, projects, completing assignments away from the computer, and in-person instruction and/or remote testing. 

Instructional hours may be delivered in any day, week, and course length increments, but recorded and submitted every Monday. 

Student Attendance Entry Form

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