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Weekly Attendance 

In accordance with A.R.S-15-901 and A.R.S.-15-808, ALL TKO students are required to submit weekly attendance time logs for each course. 

AOI students must work at least a minimum number of hours a week to comply with state attendance statutes and remain in the program: 

  • Kindergarten students, 356 hours- Approx. 10 hrs. per week 

  • 1st-3rd grade: 712 hours – Approx. 20 hrs. per week 

  • 4th-8th grade: 890 hours – Approx. 24 hrs. per week 

  • 9th- 12th grade: 900 hours – Approx. 25 hrs. per week 

Instructional hours may be delivered in any day, week, and course length increments, but recorded and submitted every Monday. 

TKO Weekly Attendance/Activity Log

Please use the same link each week to submit attendance. Attendance hours include time on the computer, research, writing, reading, projects, completing assignments away from the computer, and in-person instruction and/or remote testing. 

TKO Weekly Attendance Log

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