February 18, 2021

Dear GUSD Students, Staff, Families, and Friends,

Last evening the GUSD governing board gave approval to our staff to begin to make plans toward offering every day, in-person instruction to any of our students who want it beginning March 15, 2021. This plan will mean that there will no longer be a two-days-per-week option. Students will still be able to attend TKO (online). The board gave the “go-ahead” to staff to start planning for more students attending in-person every day. The board will make a final decision on March 3, 2021 concerning the March 15, 2021 expansion plan.

It should be noted that our efforts to expand to every day, in-person instruction will not mean that our mitigation plans will be put aside. The district will still keep in place the plans we have been using to every extent possible. Masks will be required for students to attend in-person, every day. Social distance will be practiced to every extent possible. Hand-washing will be emphasized. Parents will be expected to monitor their children’s health and will be expected to keep children home when they are sick.

GUSD staff will do its best to keep you informed as to the plans that will be under construction over the next couple of weeks. If the district doesn’t already know parent preference for their student attendance option, we will be attempting to reach parents in the next week. The district will use phone messaging, social media, the district website, potentially local media outlets, or even notes home to communicate updates about this issue to all of you.

This year has been unlike any other year in my lengthy education career. I commend our staff and students for their flexibility. GUSD has tried to persevere in the “three-option” mode to the best of our ability. However, as we come upon the final third of our school-year, I am determined to do my best and encouraged our staff to do their best to get back to “as normal as possible” with mitigation strategies in place for the remainder of the year. Thanks again for all of your flexibility and support as we seek to “capture hearts and empower minds”.


Jerry Jennex, Superintendent