Photo of a student going down a school bus.

Each student who is provided transportaion services is expected to obey the rules and established for the safety and welfare of all who ride the buses. A school bus is an extension of the school campus. Misconduct on the school bus will be treated in the same manner as it is treated the schools.

Students who do not follow safety rules for school bus passengers will be disciplined in coordinates with the school board adopted discipline procedures and acceptable offenses serious offenses and severe fences as well as the administrative options of consequences for each category described in the student contact handout will apply to the school bus in the same manner as they do to the classroom or other school setting a suspension or termination of bus writing privileges may be assigned in Lou of war addition to consequences outlined in the discipline matrix for infractions that have occurred on the bus

Bus drivers shall report offenses to the school administrator through a disciplinary referral prior to completing a referral for an unacceptable occurrence the bus driver is expected to talk with the student about the behavior explain the reason for the role and providing an opportunity for the student to take correct of action

If violations continue the bus driver shall telephone school ministry eater to explain the continued violations lead ministry will meet with the student and send a warning referral to the parent guardian a meeting maybe scheduled at the discretion of the ministry to include the student and the bus driver

In addition to the offenses listed in student code of conduct the following are examples of unacceptable serious and severe offenses that are specific to inappropriate behavior on the school bus consequences for these offenses will be consistent with the ministry of options as listed in the student conduct handbook

Unacceptable behavior specific to the school bus all of the infractions listed in the student and parent handbook apply to the bus in the same manner as the school.

  • Not obeying the driver or not following the drivers directions.

  • Giving the driver a false name or otherwise lying to the driver.

  • Being disrespectful or discourteous to the driver or others on the bus.

  • Pushing or shoving when getting on or off the bus.

  • Boarding the bus or changing seats without drivers permission.

  • Being so noisy as to be distracting to the driver.

  • Lettering on the bus or at the bus stop.

  • Eating or drinking on the bus without the drivers permission.

  • Bringing onto the bus an animal or any type or anything else that is prohibited i.e. glass objects. skateboards large radios etc.

  • Blocking the aisle with feet school supplies a musical instrument etc.

  • Not riding the same bus getting on or off at other than designated stops without written parent permission or riding the bus when bus riding probably just have been suspended.

  • Hanging arms head or feet out of the bus window.

  • Not remaining seated while the bus is in motion.

  • Not going directly to the assigned place or home after leaving the bus.

  • Throwing dangerous objects in the bus or out the bus windows

  • Crossing behind the bus or attempting to touch or strike the bus after getting off or before getting on.

  • Opening the emergency door of the bus.