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GUSD Tax Credit

Tax Credit


You can help Globe students get the most out of their school years by making contributions through Arizona's tax-credit programs. Contributing is easy, and the impact is substantial. You can determine where you want your money to go. Choose a school, a program, even a student's educational trip or sports fee. You pick the programs and schools that are important to you.Your contribution makes a real difference for Globe students! Extracurricular field trips allow students to experience and learn in ways they can't in the classroom. Studies show that playing school sports is a factor in keeping students enrolled in school. They also show that being involved in fine arts can improve academic performance!

Best of all, in Arizona, you get your tax credit contribution back, subject to the limits of your tax liability, when you file your tax return. Contact your tax professional for more information.

AZ Public School Tax Credit

GUSD Tax Credit Form