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Chromebook School Guidelines


Welcome to the new school year! Students in grades 9-12 can check out a school-owned Chromebook. These devices are essential tools for your education. Please use them responsibly according to the following guidelines in Globe Unified School District.

However, any student who uses a school-owned Chromebook must comply with, understand, and adhere to the following guidelines below.

Receiving Your Chromebook

1. Distribution: Chromebooks will be distributed on designated dates before the new school year. Each student will receive a Chromebook, a charger, and possibly a protective case.

2. Initial Setup: Instructions on setting up and logging in with the school-provided Google account will be given during distribution.

Usage Guidelines

1. Educational Use: Use Chromebooks for classwork, research, and other educational activities.

2. Personal Use: Limited personal use is allowed if it doesn't interfere with school responsibilities and follows the school's acceptable use policy.

3. Classroom Etiquette: Follow teacher instructions; Chromebooks should be closed or put away when not in use.

4. Digital Citizenship: Be respectful and responsible online. Avoid cyberbullying and respect privacy.

Care and Maintenance

1. Handling: Carry your Chromebook in its protective case or backpack. Avoid placing heavy objects on it and handle it gently.

2. Storage: Store in a safe, secure place and avoid extreme temperatures.

3. Charging: Charge nightly and bring your charger to school if needed.

4. Cleaning: Use a soft, dry cloth for cleaning. Do not use harsh chemicals or water.

5. Chromebooks must not have any stickers applied to the interior or exterior casing, this also includes no pen or pencil marks

6. Do not remove the Inventory label

Security and Privacy

1. Passwords: Keep your password secure. Contact the IT office if you need to change it.

2. Updates: Regularly update your Chromebook.

3. Monitoring: The school has the right to monitor Chromebook use to ensure policy compliance.

Technical Support

1. Assistance: For technical issues, visit the GHS bookstore.

2. Repairs: Report damage or malfunctions immediately. Insurance covers accidental damage, battery failure, liquid damage, defects, theft/loss, with no claim limits.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Devices

1. Reporting: Report lost or stolen Chromebooks to school administration and IT support immediately and file a police report to avoid financial responsibility.

2. Responsibility: Students and parents/guardians are responsible for the Chromebook. Costs may apply for loss or damage. Failure to return a Chromebook affects graduation participation and diploma release for seniors, and clearance and future Chromebook checkouts for underclassmen.

Acceptable Use Policy

1. Compliance: Follow the school’s acceptable use policy.

2. Consequences: Violations may result in disciplinary action, including loss of Chromebook privileges.

Parental Involvement

1. Supervision: Parents/guardians should supervise Chromebook use at home.

2. Communication: Stay informed about the school’s technology policies and communicate with teachers and administrators as needed.


Chromebooks are valuable tools for learning and collaboration. Following these guidelines ensures a safe, productive, and enjoyable experience throughout the school year. Thank you for your cooperation.


Students and parents/guardians must sign an acknowledgment form confirming they have read and understood these guidelines and agree to adhere to them.

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If you have questions about the uses of district Chromebooks please contact me at the information below

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I.T. Director, Globe Unified School District

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