Director of Business Operations
Trent Lyon
(928) 402-6030

Administrative Assistant to Director of Business Operations
Judy McGowan
(928) 402-6021

Cindy Ballard
(928) 402-6042

ELL Clerk
Erika Franco
(928) 402-6020

Sped. Director
Jennifer Gourdin
(928) 402-6000 Ext 1096

Sasha Young
(928) 402-6050

SAIS Coordinator/Bookstore Clerk
Dawn Kephart
(928) 402-6120

District Nurse
Roberta Shellenberger
(928) 402-8515

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Welcome to the Globe Unified School District Business Office information site.

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Monday - Thursday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Closed on Fridays and all major holidays

Arizona School District Spending Report

The Arizona Auditor General gathers data from school districts and compiles an annual report showing how districts have spent their adopted budgets.  Below are links for the public to access the results.  We have provided one link for our district and another to the access all districts for comparison.

GUSD FY23 District Spending Report

State Results

 Copies of all reports issued by the Arizona Auditor General can be found at

AZ Auditor