District's Annual Financial Report

  • In accordance with A.R.S 15.904 (A), districts that maintain a website must provide a link on their website to ADE’s website where the District’s Annual Financial Report can be viewed. The FY2018 Globe Unified School District #1 Annual Financial Report can be viewed by clicking on the following link to the left.

    These documents are prescribed by the Arizona Department of Education and Office of the Auditor General. A.R.S. §15-905 (C.) & (E.)

     Notification of Meeting to Adopt Budget

Annual Proposed Budget

  • The summary of the proposed budget and the meeting notification for the adopted budget for the Globe Unified School District #1 may be viewed by clicking on the link above to the Arizona Department of Education.

    FY2019 Proposed Budget Date: 6/22/2018 3:08:19 PM


Annual Adopted Budget

Financial Documents

Last Modified on December 6, 2018